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Why Promotional Products Still Work in the Digital Age

Beyond the marketing potential, custom promotional products show customers that you simply appreciate their business throughout the year. Although many companies have opted to promote their businesses online, promotional products still have an important place in the marketing mix. For the most part, promotional products are both practical and useful, and in their own way, they build brand. More than that, it’s a marketing approach that is cost effective, with great exposure.

Sure, there a junky promotional items out there. But at the same time, a well-devised campaign using high quality promotional products can make a big difference.

Opening up the lines of communication

Everyone likes to receive something. And a promotional product is usually well received. There’s no guarantee that business will be generated but even industry stats show some likelihood. Best of all, promotional products are effective in starting a business conversation with a customer.

Drawing attention to a product/service

Every business owner wants to draw attention, and promotional products remain an excellent vehicle to do so. While there is some debate about giving away FREE stuff, the outcomes validate the investment, when it’s all done right. Indeed, trade-shows and conventions are ideal here.

Promotional products do stick around

While traditional advertising “comes and goes”, a promotional product actually lingers around for some time. Whether it’s a note pad, a highlighter, or a key chain, these things gets used and used and used. As such, a business can retain long term exposure, right in front of the customer.

Enhancing the brand’s recognition

Brand recognition requires ongoing exposure. This could include the business name, the slogan, and even the logo. Promotional products do this job over and over again, throughout the calendar year. In fact, it’s the type of exposure that often reaches multiple customers at the same time.

Valuable added business exposure

Business exposure through traditional advertising and marketing is very easily supplemented by adding custom promotional products. They will further increase audience reach, and can often target additional demographics. In short, promotional products should be part of the mix. 

Employee-targeted promotions

Promotional items can be very successfully implemented with internal employees and staff. This type of incentive approach has been proven to be valuable with any team. Employees feel quite appreciated, and studies indicate that performance goals and productivity show a difference.

No limits on specific target group

In advertising and marketing, the objective is always on more impressions. And although many a business owner will routinely focus on a specific target group, promotional products can easily be sued to expand on existing target audiences – there are no geographic/demographic limits.

Keeping the momentum going

Promotional products will deliver success when done right - the proper product choice, the right delivery route, and the appropriate budget allocation. Small business or large, this is an efficient add-on to conventional advertising and marketing efforts. Done well, and with some imagination, promotional products are a cost-effective approach, even today, in a digital environment.

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