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Our Guarantee

At Print Three we guarantee the highest quality printing. We strive to make your online print ordering, as well as our in store experience as seamless as possible. We understand that the best business relationships are built on trust and we would like to offer you a series of guarantees to encourage your confidence in our company.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

  • One-on-one service: We promise a consultative approach to make sure the finished product is exactly what you were expecting.
  • Service Tracking: We survey and review interactions with our staff to ensure that our standards of service are maintained for every customer.
  • Satisfaction or we will do it again: If you are not happy with the quality of your printing job, we will re print your job for free!
  • Protection against defects: Smudges or ink deposits can happen and so can other technical defects. (Especially when you are processing the volumes we do!)  If you find any flaws in your documents we will fix the problem at no cost to you.

100% Guaranteed Delivery On Time

Mastering the art of printing was one thing, but delivering prints on time was something else entirely! The good news is that after 28 years in the printing business, we can confidently say we are now experts at both.

  • We thoroughly understand the strict deadlines that come with the print manufacturing industry, and know that your business is relying on our ability to meet them.
  • We guarantee turnaround time for every project that meets our specifications and production schedules as outlined in our terms of service.
  • We’re flexible, contact us if you need your documents sooner and we will do our best to accelerate your order wherever possible.

100% Guaranteed Quality

We believe high standards mark the difference between success and failure. At Print Three we set the bar high to ensure you are getting the service you deserve, from the best digital printer in Toronto. (If we do say so ourselves!)

  • High Printing Standards: We guarantee our quality control
  • Reprinting: We make every effort to ensure that your prints come out perfectly the first time, however if there is a specific problem with a production related issue we will re-print for your satisfaction.
  • Next Day Service: We will fix the problem in a timely manner to meet original deadlines, and make your order a priority.

For full terms and conditions please review our re-printing policy

Don't be shy to let us know of any concerns or issues you experience with our products. Sometimes mistakes happen and we’d rather spend the effort and time to rectify the situation than lose your business.


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We are proud to provide an unparalleled service and combine that with craftsmanship and leading edge technology and software. We care about doing your job right. Each and every one of us takes our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction seriously. We go the extra mile and take extreme precautions to ensure that each order is precise and has consistent results.

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