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Finishing & Binding

It’s the details that are really going to make your project stand out. We offer a variety of binding options, including booklets, coils, and cerlox. We can also add tabs and inserts. We can crease it… cut it... collate it… punch holes in it…bind it… and laminate it!


We are able to print and produce all kinds of booklet products with our innovative technologies. Our solutions are affordable and easy – making Print Three one of the most convenient places for booklet printing Toronto wide. No matter how little or how big your booklets are, we have the solutions you’re looking for.  Too learn more about our booklets click here [AN3]


Cerlox allows your compilation to lie flat on the counter or on your lap. Cerlox binding is ideal for books that you need to add or remove pages from easily.

We can bind documents in up to 2" binders.


Coil binding (often referred to as spiral binding) is a way of binding books, using a spring-like coil to bind. The method is quite popular and is more versatile in comparison to Cerlox.

The benefits to coil binders are that pages turn easily and it's very durable with excellent crush resistance.


We have roller cutters for small cutting jobs and an electric cutter for larger jobs to take care of the smaller details that you would expect from a copy shop in Toronto. [AN4]


Our advanced drilling equipment uses sharp hollow bits to puncture holes through thick stacks of paper. It saves you valuable time as it can easily break through hundreds of sheets at once with 100% precision. Our drilling equipment can also be set up to create multiple holes in one shoot. It is a handy complement to our book binding services.


When finalizing your project or report, there are times when your design needs to be preserved and protected.  You certainly do not want your reports or projects to be remembered as creased, damaged, wrinkly, blemished and smudged. Our Laminating services are equipped to lessen than the risk of these types of damages. They are perfect for lunch and learn sessions or for regular documents that need an added level of durability.

You can choose between our regular clear lamination for items up to 24" wide and our extra-heavy 10mil for items up to 11"x17". We are able to laminate larger and matte projects in just a few days turnaround.


Perforating is a form of cutting that is done with precision. This service is perfect for the customization of gift certificates and other promotional incentives items where a tear-away feature is preferred.


Crease your papers so that you can easily fold them and prevent cracking along the spine. This is especially important for darker colour prints.

Twin Loop:

Give your documents a refined and professional look with perfect twin loop binding. It’s ideal for shorter presentations, PowerPoint decks, reports, and any other project that needs a unique style.


We are proud to provide an unparalleled service and combine that with craftsmanship and leading edge technology and software. We care about doing your job right. Each and every one of us takes our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction seriously. We go the extra mile and take extreme precautions to ensure that each order is precise and has consistent results.

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