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The Art Of Letter Writing – Is It Lost Or Not?

With emails and messaging and texting, it’s easy to forget about personal letter writing. It seems that electronic media has taken over much of our interpersonal communications. Indeed, some might wonder if the handwritten letter is lost to the modern world. The truth is, for those who are still fans of letter writing, the art is not lost. It just takes some extra time and some effort.

A handwritten letter simply shows that a person cares. It demonstrates a whole range of personal feelings – like thoughtfulness, intimacy, respect, and sincerity. And for those who cherish words, writing a letter is an opportunity to communicate clearly, while putting a beautiful smile on the face of the recipient. For many, letter writing is the ultimate form of personal communication.

Letter writing communicates more than just words on paper. The writer is actually connecting with the reader in a very personal way, and it all has a touch of energy - everything from the style of handwriting to the paper stationery. For some, block letters might do the trick, while for others a flowing script might be the ideal. Whatever the case, personal handwriting is quite special.

Paper can also communicate something personal. Here again, everyone’s personality can shine - from that old-style monogrammed letterhead, to some crazy design with bright colours. Every esthetic choice (including the writing instrument) will tell a different story and evoke a different feeling. Clearly, personalized letter writing has much more depth than a bunch of “emojis”.

Every day is a good day to write a letter, and a personal letter is always an appropriate piece of communication. A letter can be sent to convey thanks, gratitude, congratulations, and quite often, condolences. Nothing could be more personal. Indeed, depending on circumstances, a writer can choose to be serious, casual, or formal – and can be brief or long winded (there are no rules).

Handwritten letters do not have to be long, or gripping, or attention grabbing. The message is the salient part, and, of course, the delight of receiving. Simplicity can also have an impact. And funny stuff always elicits a chuckle. Not to forget, sending a letter also offers an opportunity to include something unique or special – whether it’s a small gift, a piece of memorabilia, or a special poem.

Handwritten letters are timeless pieces – that’s what makes them so special. Most of us actually keep them for many years, and from time to time, will go back and reflect on what was written at the time. Often, people will give a particularly special letter to someone in the next generation. It’s another way to ensure continuity and to share special occasions and special relationships.   

Today, in what has become the digital world, everything is fast paced and instantaneous. Letters that are handwritten make for a physical expression of a time and place, with words that have been carefully chosen and personally conveyed. The handwritten letter still has a place today.

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