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How Direct Mail Can Boost Business Marketing Efforts

It’s true - email marketing has a place in the marketing mix. But it also has serious limitations, and oftentimes a questionable response rate. Direct mail marketing, on the other hand, stands the test of time, and continues to deliver results, even with the explosion of the Internet and the various channels for digital marketing.

One of the positives of direct mail is that it’s real, as opposed to virtual. Just think of how many times one has to use the “ad blocker” feature during a website search. After a while, getting tons of advertising emails becomes tiresome – and getting bombarded with annoying digital ads gets a bit much. In short – it’s overkill.

With direct mail, there’s a physical connection. The customer actually touches it, reads it, keeps it, and often acts on it. And today, with digital printing, direct mail marketing can be very easily personalized, even personally addressed. When done right, businesses can experience notable results with this type of approach.

When it comes to personalization, digital printing offers countless options for communicating a message. In fact, the message can be customized based on demographic needs.  Photos, images, and design elements can also be customized.  Better still, with direct mail software, geographic priorities can be addressed.

While not every business will require a direct marketing approach, many are missing out on the benefits because of various misconceptions. The fact is, while online marketing and advertising dominates much of the landscape, there’s a whole world out there with direct mail marketing. If it’s done right, it can work.  

Direct mail can build a brand; keep customer attention; and very often start a conversation. The truth is, no component of the marketing mix will work perfectly on it’s own. It means that the “mix” is very important, and that translates into a marketing approach, which combines new media with the traditional.

Interestingly, one of the biggest commercial target groups today is 60 years plus. They are not totally comfortable with Internet marketing, and tend to better respond to traditional means of advertising and marketing. As such, direct mail campaigns have proven particularly successful with this enormous group.

One of the biggest advantages of direct mail is automation. With a good digital printing firm, a comprehensive campaign can be seamlessly automated right from printing to distribution. By taking advantage of today’s computerized technologies, businesses can create and launch direct mail programs effortlessly.

With Print Three, direct mail marketing is all under one roof. Industry experts manage it all, from creative, to printing, to distribution. For customers, it’s a seamless approach to direct mail while leaving all of the detail work to the professionals. Here again, the key is to combine direct mail with the new media.

Print Three offers state-of-the-art printing technology, managed by a highly experienced team that has customer service as a priority.  And with a focus on overall marketing performance, the team offers years and years of industry expertise. Every effort is made to satisfy the customer’s business objectives.

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