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The Power of Promotional Products

Posted on: 2016, October 12

Advertising, marketing, and promotion are pervasive today – it’s everywhere. And it’s in our face day and night – from bus advertising, to magazine spreads, to online ad banners, to social media. But throughout all this media clutter, traditional forms of marketing still have a place. As such, promotional product marketing remains a powerful tool. The objective, of course, is to effectively promote your brand, and to use the right promotional product to do the job.

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Green Printing and Production Techniques are Here to Stay

Posted on: 2016, October 10

Like many changing social trends, “green printing” has a number of different definitions, all dependent on the printing product and/or printing technique. In general, it’s a focused effort by the printing industry to dramatically reduce the consumption of materials and resources that are used for printing and production. With paper, it’s a matter of recycle, reuse, and reduce. And with printing ink, it’s about using ink that is low in Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC). Finally, green printing also encompasses energy-efficient printing and production equipment.

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The Basics of Professional Printing Explained

Posted on: 2016, October 08

Even today, with all things digital, visual printed information is vital for marketing success. Small business or large, strong visuals are essential in the marketing and advertising mix. Just watch the big players and see what they do - their visual print materials capture customer attention and effectively imbed their corporate message in the customer’s mind. Yes - printed materials deliver!

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With Printing and Production – It’s All in the Details!

Posted on: 2016, October 06

Today, with digital printing and high tech equipment, virtually anything is possible - with quality output, fast turnaround, and competitive prices. But not all printing services in Toronto are equal. Like everything, quality work is about the details, and Print Three is committed to that approach on every project. For almost three decades, Print Three has been the printer of choice for many customers, turning their great ideas into great printed materials.

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