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The Power of Promotional Products

Advertising, marketing, and promotion are pervasive today – it’s everywhere. And it’s in our face day and night – from bus advertising, to magazine spreads, to online ad banners, to social media. But throughout all this media clutter, traditional forms of marketing still have a place. As such, promotional product marketing remains a powerful tool. The objective, of course, is to effectively promote your brand, and to use the right promotional product to do the job.

The options for promotional products are countless. And while no company should react with an impulsive purchase, the project budget is definitely a determining factor on choosing an option. The important thing is to choose the right vehicle, whether it’s a calendar, notepad, mouse pad, or coffee mug. All of these are proven to promote brand awareness, although being inventive can also deliver results. This is where a good service-oriented provider can be key.

Keeping in mind a specific target group is probably the best place to start. For example, products that are “stationery” related will naturally be more effective for a corporate environment. In fact, it’s been shown that the more an item is used, the more effective it will be. Then there’s the issue of distribution – in other words, how best to catch the attention of a potential customer.  Here, it’s quite common to send out a mailing, but tradeshow giveaways are even better.

Like anything, we get what we pay for. And for every marketer, budget is going to influence the purchase of a promotional product. Clearly, the cheap approach isn’t always the best approach. It is, however, worthwhile to choose wisely, and to somehow measure which promotional product might deliver the best return on investment. Here again, having a reliable service provider makes a big difference – these are professionals with valuable experience on what works.

At Print Three, custom promotional products are wide-ranging - with something for every budget and every strategy. It’s a great way to promote brand, and to demonstrate customer appreciation at the same time. With the right product, and the right approach, promotional products can help a business to stand out from the crowd. The idea, of course, is to reinforce the company name and the brand awareness so as to attract new customers and retain existing customers.

As one of the leading printing companies in Toronto, Print Three offers promotional products for companies large and small, and in quantities to suit the need. Where a catalogue item may not be the ideal, the team at Print Three can source a promotional product that is more customized and more suitable. Whatever the case, a commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction is at the forefront of every project. It comes with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.  

Beyond promotional products, Print Three offers some of the best printing services in Toronto, with personalized service, state-of-the-art equipment, and guaranteed print quality. The team is highly experienced with the latest printing technologies, and committed to quality on every job.

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