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Paper and Printing Options for Business Cards

A good business card is just as effective for a small business owner as it is for a corporation. And because everyone is vying for attention, a good business card is simply an important piece of the puzzle. It’s actually one of the simplest marketing tools, and clearly, one of the most cost effective. However, a business card should be well designed - something mediocre just won’t stand out. So it’s important to make that extra effort – whether it’s contracting a designer to help, or relying on a good printing company to offer design ideas, paper options, and even some unique options.

Bold Colour Schemes

Bold colours simply stand out. And for those who have a “signature” colour, it’s sensible to use it for continuity. Colour can deliver great mileage, whether it’s for a business logo or for additional design elements. Today, with digital printing, colour schemes are not an extra expense.

Glossy Card Finish

Glossy cards have become a popular finish, and provide a nice touch to a business card. One of the advantages of a glossy finish is that colours tend to be more lively and vibrant. From a tactile perspective, the card feels different from a standard card stock, so it adds uniqueness.

Embossed Surfaces

Embossing certain parts of a business card is a sure way to gain attention. Needless to say, this is a more expensive option compared to convectional printing, but the aftereffects of an embossed logo or lettering are well worth it. Embossing can add an element of sophistication.

Textured Card Stock

Card stock quality can really have an impact on business image. It can range from stock that is extra heavy, to something that is high gloss finish, to something with a textured feel. In fact, using a linen textured stock will match perfectly with accompanying letterhead/envelopes.

Unique Card Material

Beyond traditional paper and card, unique materials can also be used to make a business card pop out. Indeed, anything that can be printed on is an option. Again, price may be an issue here, but for some, the extra expense may well offset the potential for an outstanding card.

Unusual Size/Shape

A traditional business card measures 3½” wide x 2” high. But with a little imagination, a different size and/or shape can do wonders. There are rounded corners. There are perfectly circular cards. And, of course, there are unusual shapes. Either or, the uniqueness draws attention.

Concept Designs

Designing a card so that it conceptually relates to a business can make good sense for some. This is a sure fire way to stick out dramatically. The key is not to go overboard, making the card overly cumbersome and losing its impact. Some businesses can capitalize with this approach.

Even today, business cards remain an invaluable tool. It’s worth doing right, and it’s worth the extra time and effort to create something special. For many business owners, it’s also worthwhile to spend the extra budget and do something extra special.

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