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Is Print Marketing Still Relevant Today?

Posted on: 2016, December 27

For many, the digital world has affected practically every aspect of life. And while not everyone lives online, digital devices have really taken over. In the business world, it’s probably even more noticeable, especially with so much digital technology pervading the business environment. It’s no wonder, then, that more and more advertisers and marketers are targeting customers online.  The big question, of course, is whether print marketing is still relevant in today’s landscape.

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How to Successfully Convert Printed Materials Into Sales

Posted on: 2016, December 23

Today, even with so much online media influencing business, branded printed materials still have an important place in the marketing mix. Simply put, printed materials remain an integral part of the selling process – just look around and notice all the different ways that business people are creating sales opportunities. The smartest thing for any business, of course, is to identify exactly which piece(s) of printed material will work best and then capitalize on the results.

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Choosing the Right Font For Good Looking Marketing Materials

Posted on: 2016, December 20

Anyone doing any type of print marketing knows about fonts (or typefaces). The big difference is understanding how best to choose and use fonts. And today, there are literally thousands of fonts available, many of them free to download and install. While not everyone can be expected to have design sense, choosing a font is all about reflecting a message and an image. Simply put, the font choice should accurately communicate the desired image. Clearly, a fun font for kids is not a good choice for a lawyer’s corporate marketing materials.


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Even in a Digital World, Direct Mail Marketing Has Benefits!

Posted on: 2016, December 14

From time to time, all of the direct mail advertising in the mailbox can get a little overwhelming. But the truth is, everyone likes to sift through it, looking for something of interest. The fact that we get so much, and so often, means that it works. Direct mail marketing remains one of the best avenues for informing potential customers about products, services, events, and news. Even in a modern day digital world, it’s a form of advertising and marketing with great benefits.

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Variable-Data Printing – an Innovative Marketing Approach

Posted on: 2016, November 30

Variable-Data Printing, often referred to as Variable Information Printing, is an innovative digital printing platform that allows text, images, and graphics to be changed from one printed piece to another. A very adaptable process, the changes occur without having to stop or even slow down the printing process. The changes are generated from external computerized data. As an example, personalized client letters, with the same design layout, but with different names and addresses, can be printed quickly and efficiently in one run. For large runs or small, its practical and cost effective - an ideal option for direct marketing, client invoicing, and massive postcard campaigns.

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