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Real Estate Agents Can Benefit From Using a Professional Printing Company

Posted on: 2016, November 28

These days, the natural tendency for companies doing marketing, is to focus on the Internet, on email blasts, and on social media. And while all of the new media is worthwhile, those involved in real estate marketing shouldn’t lose sight of traditional print marketing. For some, a home-based approach to design and production might suffice, but the truth is, nothing can quite compare with professional design, production, and printing.

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Holiday Greeting Cards - Not Completely Lost Yet!

Posted on: 2016, November 18

Hard to believe, but its almost the Christmas season again, and time to send out holiday greeting cards. For many, Christmas cards bring back fond memories, dozens arriving in the mail, and sometimes from friends and family who lived afar. Clearly, the times and traditions have changed, and Christmas cards have become few and far between as the years advance. Worse still, that personal touch, along with the personal handwriting, is practically gone. And for some, it has all become quite “un-holiday-ish”.

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Creating an Appealing and Effective Business Card

Posted on: 2016, November 15

Even with online marketing, email blasting, and endless twittering, a good-looking business card is still integral to effective promotion. Without doubt, an appealing business card can present an image that is immediately noticeable, and easily recalled. In many cases, a business card can be a major plus or major minus as a first impression. In short, it makes good business sense to have an appealing business card that effectively communicates a business message.


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The Power of Promotional Products

Posted on: 2016, October 12

Advertising, marketing, and promotion are pervasive today – it’s everywhere. And it’s in our face day and night – from bus advertising, to magazine spreads, to online ad banners, to social media. But throughout all this media clutter, traditional forms of marketing still have a place. As such, promotional product marketing remains a powerful tool. The objective, of course, is to effectively promote your brand, and to use the right promotional product to do the job.

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Green Printing and Production Techniques are Here to Stay

Posted on: 2016, October 10

Like many changing social trends, “green printing” has a number of different definitions, all dependent on the printing product and/or printing technique. In general, it’s a focused effort by the printing industry to dramatically reduce the consumption of materials and resources that are used for printing and production. With paper, it’s a matter of recycle, reuse, and reduce. And with printing ink, it’s about using ink that is low in Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC). Finally, green printing also encompasses energy-efficient printing and production equipment.

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