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How Direct Mail Can Boost Business Marketing Efforts

Posted on: 2017, February 03

It’s true - email marketing has a place in the marketing mix. But it also has serious limitations, and oftentimes a questionable response rate. Direct mail marketing, on the other hand, stands the test of time, and continues to deliver results, even with the explosion of the Internet and the various channels for digital marketing.

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The Printed Word and the Modern World

Posted on: 2017, January 30

Going back in history, the earliest signs of “print technology” are found in China, Japan and Korea. In fact, for a long time, China was the primary producer of printed materials in the entire region. The state was actually responsible for printing high volumes of textbooks for the bureaucracy. By the 7th century, printed materials expanded beyond the use of government officials. And with more and more urban life, the public began to read more and more – everything from fiction, to poetry, to biographies. This is also a time when reading became very much a leisure activity.

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The Art Of Letter Writing – Is It Lost Or Not?

Posted on: 2017, January 25

With emails and messaging and texting, it’s easy to forget about personal letter writing. It seems that electronic media has taken over much of our interpersonal communications. Indeed, some might wonder if the handwritten letter is lost to the modern world. The truth is, for those who are still fans of letter writing, the art is not lost. It just takes some extra time and some effort.

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Why Promotional Products Still Work in the Digital Age

Posted on: 2017, January 18

Beyond the marketing potential, custom promotional products show customers that you simply appreciate their business throughout the year. Although many companies have opted to promote their businesses online, promotional products still have an important place in the marketing mix. For the most part, promotional products are both practical and useful, and in their own way, they build brand. More than that, it’s a marketing approach that is cost effective, with great exposure.

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Paper and Printing Options for Business Cards

Posted on: 2017, January 10

A good business card is just as effective for a small business owner as it is for a corporation. And because everyone is vying for attention, a good business card is simply an important piece of the puzzle. It’s actually one of the simplest marketing tools, and clearly, one of the most cost effective. However, a business card should be well designed - something mediocre just won’t stand out. So it’s important to make that extra effort – whether it’s contracting a designer to help, or relying on a good printing company to offer design ideas, paper options, and even some unique options.

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